Untitled - NW6 Studio 2009

"My early personal projects have drawn from the long tradition of African portraiture since my first visit to Ghana in 1995. Colour photography was my gateway into showing a vibrancy and realness not readily found in the media's reportage, black and white imagery at this time. My objective was to communicate a less preconceived impression of what it is to be a person of African descent.

I was born and raised in London but come from a mixed cultural background of Ghanaian and Dominican descent, and this has presented me with questions around, placement, cultural identity and diversity."


Perrier's practice includes personal projects and  art commissions. 

She has photographed sitters encountered through various strategies; such as their occupation; location or a physical trait.

Recent projects have seen Perrier working in public spaces using a portable studio and large format camera in  reference to Victorian style Portraiture. 

Perrier has an ongoing series called, 'Mobile Portraits', of sitters encountered daily and documented on her Mobile phone. 

© Eileen Perrier - February 2016